Annual Contracts

Shapes and Curves offers commercial and residential landscaping services, and comprehensive solutions to maintain the beauty of your environment from season to season.

Annual Plants & Flowers

There is nothing like annual flowers for adding color to a front lawn landscaping, patio, office entry, storefront or any place that needs a seasonal boost.


Flower Pots, Container Gardens and In Ground Beds

Brush Clearing

Aside from reducing the beauty of your property, brush can also reduce its value. Shapes and Curves is here to help with brush removal and unwanted vegetation.


Gutter Cleaning

Shapes and Curves offers Gutter Cleanup services. Clean Gutters are vital to your home's function and appearance. When seasons change, gutter cleaning and repair becomes necessary. 


Hardscaping is a great way to add value to your property, it can help you to utilize your property more. A beautiful hardscape will allow you to enjoy the a great outdoors much more. Let Shapes and Curves design and revolutionize your outdoor living experience.


Paver Patio, Paths, Steps, Fire Pit, Pond and Retaining Wall Intallation.

Mulch and Landscape Stone

Whether you are in need of mulch or landscape stone, Shapes and Curves is available to supply and apply both for you. Give your home or business a decorative and appealing look all season long.

Using mulch is an exceptional way to control weeds, while helping retain moisture around your flowers and bushes. Mulch also prevents erosion in flower beds and gardens.

Landscape stone is an exelent alternative to mulching. It has reduced maintenance, appearance longevity and reduced debris.



A beautiful front yard landscape, backyard landscaping design and professional landscape maintenance are among the most personal and most visible methods to differentiate a home. Landscape are investments that make sense and help you make the most of your home and the time you spend there with family and friends.

At Shapes and Curves, we can help you design and style a landscape that is uniquely you.


Paver Patio, Paths, Steps, Fire Pit, Pond, Retaining Walls, Lawn Care, Irrigation Systems, Tree Care, Mulch and Landscape Stone, Edging, Planting, Pruning.

Lawn Care

A healthful lawn is the basis of every wonderful landscape, and Shapes and Curves offers total lawn service to improve your entire property. 

Each week we will mow your grass, trim around trees and edges and clean up the grass clippings. 


Aeration, Fertilizer, Weed Spray, Seeding, Moving, Weedeating. 

Seasonal Cleanup

The beginning of the Spring and Fall are great times to get your lawn, gardens and property ready for the upcoming season. Shapes and Curves is here to help with Fall and Spring cleanup services. 

In the Spring, we will get your lawn and flowerbeds ready for the Summer months. In the Fall we will remove dead flowers and fallen leaves.

Tree and Scrub Care

Trees and shrubs serve both a beauty and functional purpose. Maintaining them on a regular schedule with tree trimming and shrub pruning can prolong the life and beauty of them.

If you are looking to add beauty to your landscape by planting new trees, shrubs or flowers, Shapes and Curves can help you add to the beautification of your property.